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CEFA is committed to make rural communities self-reliant: we operate in order to make them capable of managing their own economic resources.

The experience of agronomists, veterinaries, technical expertise, who speak local language, made CEFA able to train farmers and make them small producers of milk, eggs, jams and much more. In addition, this encouraged them to start cooperative groups and have a voice in the market. Yet CEFA does not forget training farmers who will sell their products to the market, recognizing it is the only means to a sustainable growth and that would make them self-reliant.

It is likely to have additional 2 billion of inhabitants on our planet by 2050; this means almost 9 billion people on earth. +20% of people is supposed to transfer to cities and there will be a huge demand of food: +100% of basic food needs in terms of calories and +110% in terms of proteins.

CEFA believes that the answer to a growing population is food sovereignty: which is in other words the right of people to define their own production policies, distribution and food consumption. The final goal is to make every family able to produce healthy and nutritional food in the respect of the local variety. It is important then, that peasant families are owners of their land and that they have access to water and seeds. This wouldguarantee food to everybody.

As it happened in Tanzania, where, thanks to CEFA, 1300 farmers created a consortium to be better heard. It has been created an agricultural supply chain: peasants, who work the land with tractors have been supported, and helped to keep their products and to bring them in the market. Now you will not find there only corn cultivation, but also horticulture (potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, green peas, onions) and thanks to that peasants families will improve the quality of their nutrition.

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