• WHERE: Kilolo e Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • PERIOD: 36 months, from January 2018 to January 2021
  • BENEFICIARIES: 3.500 among farmers, students, artisans and vulnerable families. About 15.000 indirect beneficiaries
  • DONOR: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana

Titolo originaleAgri-Culture: Art and Rural Development, opportunities for Tanzanian youth in Kilolo and Dar es Salaam


Our objective

The project aims to contribute to the promotion of a training model for the most vulnerable young people in Tanzania, guaranteeing them the possibility of changing their living conditions and that of their families through the launching and promotion of social and productive activities that generate income, associative activities and active citizenship activities.

In particular, the project aims at:

  1. strengthening the professional and technical skills of young farmers in the Kilolo District, to promote the sustainable development of the local agricultural sector and contribute to improve the level of food security of the population;
  2. professionalizing the young artists of Dar es Salaam coming from contexts of hardship so they can live on their own art.


Our intervention

In order to increase the educational offer in agriculture and sustainable breeding, and to improve the nutrition of families of Kilolo district, training and technical assistance to the farmers, teaching support at the Dabaga Institute of Agriculture, increase in the accessibility to agricultural inputs, awareness campaigns on food practices and distribution of garden kits and farm animals to the most vulnerable families are foreseen.

To support young artists, a capacity building program is planned through participatory theater, music/art/clown-therapy and managerial management training.