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n order to guarantee children an education we did not choose to build schools but to give those children’s parents a job. This means, for instance, providing them with specialized training courses in the agricultural field and back them in entrepreneurial activities.

You cannot overlook employment if you want to build sustainable economic and human development. This is especially true for those who in the world have few opportunities.

With its action, CEFA make people able to live in their lands and off their lands creating chances to start a job and to improve their professionalism in different fields.

In agriculture, the aim is to not stop at self-consumption, but to go beyond the subsistence. Through technical formation and support in products trade, families can earn something to live in dignity and satisfy their basic needs (buying clothes, medicines, and pay taxes).
Apart from agriculture, CEFA intervenes in other fields: artisanship, responsible tourism or entrepreneurship in the agro-food field.

Njombe milk factory, in Tanzania, created 40 jobs for Tanzanians who are on average 30years old. They participate to the activities of the factory: picking up and checking the milk, taking part in the process of production and sale. None of those new employees have had proper education, they all have been trained through courses held by CEFA livestock technicians, local experts and from the Agrarian University of Morogoro.
Everyone runs a specific role; now there are not only dairymen, but also dedicated personnel for the administration, for the sales and for the communication.

Amongst the breeders, women have a fundamental role: today the percentage of female breeders-entrepreneurs reaches nearly 50%, even though the women involved in the sector are much more. Women are apparently more reliable and carry on the economy because they care about the well-being of the entire family. This is the reason why CEFA bets on them and gives them the same opportunities. With “Art against poverty” project we created expertise in art, both in Kenya and Tanzania. 15 young artists obtained a work contract as clowns in a Dar es Salaam hospital, others live off their job as photographers, actors, dancers, painters, video-makers.

In Tanzania, CEFA dedicates particular attention to disabled people, marginalized people from the society and from the job market. Many people found job as chef, beauticians, householders and gardeners thanks to CEFA training courses. Still others are employed in firms through internship programmes.

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