Leave as inheritance a world without hunger

Your little help, forever!

There is a way to guarantee the continuous aid to Cefa’s projects and help who lives in poverty specifically and constantly: the testamentary donation.

It is a far-reaching act, because it sows the seed of solidarity that will never stops to bear fruit.

At CEFA this special act becomes “immortal”, thanks to an idea of Giovanni Bersani, the founder: instead of using donations for one single project, they are collected from the Bersani Foundation. In that way they become part of the foundation heritage and they will accruing interest, and from year to year they will be used to support CEFA’s projects, forever.

Through the testament, you can decide to allocate even a little part of your goods: every contribute is very precious

That is why to allocate a donation to Bersani Foundation means to guarantee the development of CEFA’s programmes for generations.

To allocate a donation means to let the latest to get out of poverty, forever.




Giulia Fiorita – Tel. 051.520285 – mail info@fondazionebersani.it