CEFA is always looking for new volunteers. We believe that every person that share our values could strongly contribute to our struggle against hunger and poverty. We offer different types of volunteering depending on your skills, but very important is the relationship of trust between volunteers and the organization. Volunteers are involved in various ways in the life of the organization: raising awareness on the CEFA initiatives, participating in training sessions, promoting solidarity products and much more.

Here are some examples of concrete commitment:

Volunteers in our HQ

We are looking for people who want to help us with small manual work (for example to make wedding favors) or for simple secretarial work.

Volunteering is to be done at our headquarters in Bologna, Via Lame 118.

Volunteers will be trained and / or accompanied by a person who has already had this experience.

Fundraising volunteers

During the year we organize various fund-raising activities through events and banquets to promote CEFA solidarity products. Contact us to give your availability and discover the upcoming events.