• WHERE: Villages of Ikondo, Matembwe, Isoliwaya, Kanikelele, Nyave, Ukalawa and Kitole, Tanzania
  • PERIOD: 24 months from december 2017 to november 2019; 11 months from february 2018 to december 2018
  • BENEFICIARIES: directs: 400 users among families, private enterprises and public services providers; indirect: the whole community of Lupembe (around 39.000 inhabitants)
  • DONORS: Province of Trento, Solidarietà Alpina, CEFA, Matembwe Village Company Ltd - MVC, Rural Energy Agency - REA, SIDA e DFID
  • PARTNERS: Matembwe Village Company Ltd - MVC, Solidarietà Alpina; Njombe District Council, Diocese of Njombe, the Division of Lupembe,

There are two projects supported by CEFA on energy in Tanzania:

Original titleFostering rural electrification in Lupembe Division – District of Njombe


Original titleExpansion of the Ikondo-Matembwe mini-grid


The context

The national development  five-year plan 2016-17/2010-21 aims to increase the percentage of people reached by electricity from the actual 36% ( data refers to 2015) to the 60% within 2021. The access to modern forms of energy is essential for the provision of clean water, health services and medical care, it benefits to the development through illumination services, heating, transports and communication, even more in the remotest areas of the Country. The domestic lighting, often obtained with candles and oil lamps causes risks of fires and for health. The creation of economical activity, from the transformation of crop production to the services provision, becomes more difficult because of the need to obtain energy through light-generator or car batteries.


What we did and what we will do

CEFA has been working in Njombe District since 1980 and has realised two hydroelectric power stations in the villages of Matembwe and Ikondo, that provided for electric energy to public bodies, ambulatories and schools, and it also started a system for water distribution with connections in these villages.

Thanks to the project named Increasing Access to Modern Energy Serices in ikondo Ward – Njombe, financed by European Union and ended in 2016, it was possible to install in the Central of Ikondo an additional 350 kW turbine and to extend the communication line of the mini-grid, that gave electricity to 4 new villages (Isoliwaya, Kanikelele, Nyave e Ukalawa).

The access to electricity ensures a benefit for rural families who can have interior enlightment and has increased the possibility to supply media such as radio and mobile phones. There is a great focus on the use of efficient biomass (as the adoption of improved heaters), the access to the electricity reduces the consumption of firewood, soil and deforestation, less work for women and children and less domestic pollution (minor presence of smoke).

In the next two years CEFA will work to bring continuity and improve the results, contributing actively to the promotion of electric energy and to the extension of connections, with the aim of increasing to 400 units  the number of connections to the Ikondo-Matembwe mini-grid and to reach a new village still unelectrified (Kitole).


This project has been co-financed by the Province of Trento. The contents of this publication are only under CEFA’s responsibility, and under no circumstances can be related to the Province of Trento.


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