Cefa, as part of its action as an international volunteer association for development cooperation, recognizes the human person as a value and places the needy communities in the underdeveloped countries at the center of its behavior, aiming at achieving food self-sufficiency together to interventions aimed at the cultural and social growth of the populations of the areas concerned. It also promotes every suitable action in order to sensitize society on the problems of underdevelopment; pursues its aims with a spirit of collaboration, service and, without prejudice to the application of binding agreements and legal provisions, of gratuity; feels obliged to protect and guarantee lenders, multiple benefactors and, in general, the community through the application of rigorous procedures and protocols aimed at ensuring the effective use of the resources available to them, which are exclusively achievement of the objectives pursued through its own development cooperation and social awareness projects; pays particular attention to the dedication of women who, in their various capacities, commit themselves to supporting CEFA in its many activities, being aware of the importance of the peculiar sensitivity to face and solve problems.


CEFA informs and subordinates its action to the principle of legality and is obliged to respect the applicable national, supranational and international legislation.

Honesty, correctness and moral integrity

Honesty is at the base of the activities of the CEFA. The behavior of CEFA operators must be based on criteria of correctness, collaboration, loyalty and morality in every area in which activities are carried out in the interests of CEFA.


CEFA undertakes to guarantee absolute equality of treatment and to avoid any kind of discrimination based on age, sex, health status, race, nationality, political opinions and religious beliefs.

Collaboration, transparency and trust in professional relationships

Relations between employees, collaborators and volunteers must be carried out according to the principles of education, collaboration, transparency, trust and moral integrity.

Protection of workers

The CEFA promotes training programs with the aim of enhancing workers' professional skills and increasing the skills acquired during the collaboration, as well as consolidating and spreading the culture of safety in order to preserve their health, safety and physical integrity. No performance of illegal work is tolerated. CEFA requires that the personnel and its collaborators in Italy and abroad respect the fundamental rights of the person and maintain a behavior that respects local customs, cultures and confessions. The CEFA requires that working relationships take place without any subjection that may derive from any unlawful conduct. CEFA disapproves and sanctions any form of harassment, even of a sexual nature.

Objectivity in the selection of personnel

The selection of the personnel, of the volunteer and of the cooperator in mission abroad must be carried out according to specific and precise procedures that ensure adequate information on the nature and purpose of the organization and the achievement of a choice considered the most suitable for the realization and achievement of CEFA objectives.

Privacy protection

The processing of data will be finalized exclusively to the accomplishment of the purpose of CEFA for the exercise of its activity. Everybody is obliged to protect the confidentiality of data and to comply with the requirements provided for by dec. leg.vo n. 196/2003 regarding privacy and from the programmatic document on security.

Correctness and financial transparency

Transactions must have a documented record in order to allow verification of the decision-making process. Donations and in any case all revenues in favor of CEFA must be documented in order to guarantee the accuracy of the amounts and the traceability to the person who made the payment, without prejudice to the right to privacy. The information that flows into the accounting must respect the principles of clarity, transparency, correctness, completeness and confidentiality.

Efficiency and economy of contractual conditions

The contract conditions, also economic, are determined exclusively by the Administration according to the procedures of CEFA. The management and administration of economic and financial resources must correspond to principles of efficiency and economy.

Anti-money laundering

The CEFA will never lend itself to favoring the laundering of money coming from illegal activities and undertakes to comply with all national and international anti-money laundering regulations.

Personnel conduct standards

Any appropriation of money and/or property of which the CEFA is in any way held is prohibited.For expatriate personnel for any reason it is forbidden to maintain intimate relationships with members of local communities and in particular with minor people according to Italian law, without prejudice to the application of local law if the age is higher than 18 years. Each CEFA employee, collaborator or volunteer must abstain from performing his/her activity under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is forbidden for anyone to smoke in the workplace.

Protection of the environment and food safety

The CEFA pursues its objectives with actions aimed at the correct use of resources and respect for the environment, in order to ensure the needy communities of adequate food security, inseparably linked to the quality of the environment in which they live. The CEFA choices regarding the type, quality and implementation of projects in developing countries are based on the respect for the environment and the health of local populations.

Solidarity during emergencies

The CEFA considers an unavoidable duty of solidarity to help the populations in cases of emergency. The Body takes part in extraordinary initiatives in the areas affected by a serious humanitarian emergency, compatibly with the financial resources available at the time.

Correctness of relationships with partners

CEFA can work with local partners, public and private, non-profit Bodies and Associations also in the countries beneficiaries of the projects, provided they are independent and reliable and base their action on the ethical principles expressed in this Code. It may also enter into agreements with companies for the purpose of improving and supporting the execution of projects, provided that the company undertakes to comply with the organizational and control model, the documents referred this Code. In any case, a commitment to comply with legal obligations is required. The reliability can be assessed, for the purposes of preventing the crimes referred to in dec. leg.vo n. 231/01, also through appropriate checks. The CEFA does not, in principle, make contributions to political parties and political committees.

Transparency of relations with the Public Administration

The undertaking of commitments with the Public Administration (Italian, supranational and foreign public powers) is reserved exclusively for the representative and directive bodies of the association or its special delegates. All relationships between the CEFA operators and representatives of the Italian and foreign Public Administration must be documented in writing and periodically reported to the Supervisory Body. It is not allowed to pay or accept sums of money, gifts, or other benefits for the purpose of obtaining direct or indirect benefits. It is absolutely forbidden to present untruthful declarations to national, supranational and foreign public bodies.

Transparency and availability of information on the management of resources and activities carried out

CEFA, through the heads of the Communication and Fundraising sector and the heads of the Development Education sector, guarantees the maximum information about the activities of CEFA, as well as maximum transparency and punctuality about the management of resources, also through periodic public conferences on the occasion of particular events.

Sensitization towards the themes of solidarity and international development

CEFA is firmly convinced that volunteering is a fundamental agent of civil society. All CEFA workers and collaborators take part in the external public activities that the Organization organizes periodically in order to raise public awareness about the problems of underdevelopment and international solidarity.