The situation

sostegno a distanza di donne e bambine in Guatemala

The aim of the project is to set Mayan women, from the County of Quiché, free. Indeed, women coming from this region face discrimination three times: because they are women, indigenous and poor.

Civil war, lasted for 36 years, left deep wounds on the indigenous population and poverty is aggravated from alcoholism that makes men violent against wives and daughters. Girls have to do housework, while boys can keep studying.


The project is more than a scholarship

The sponsorship is not only a financial aid, but operates at various levels:

• Scholarship to help the family (school materials, fees, uniforms)

• A local promoter, trained by CEFA, helps girls with their homework and proposes leisure activities to motivate them

• CEFA promotes two meetings a year to raise awareness on the importance of education and non-violent methods

• Mothers have the possibility to join craft workshops. The aim is to teach women to be self-sufficient.

What you will receive

After the payment, the sponsor will receive a photo of the girl associated and other informations. Twice a year we will send you updates on your student’s school progress.

For further questions, please email