The situation

sostegno a distanza CEFA per i bambini della TanzaniaWith the sponsorship we want to ensure to the kids in Ikondo in Tanzania a better future in their own land, among their own population, in their own family.

Your contribute can help us to give to the youngest food, sanity, education and support along the growth path.

It is a project included in other bigger projects related to the community where these kids have grown up, in order to ensure them a better future even when they become adults.






Light up a smile in Tanzania

In the rural community of Ikondo, where CEFA has been working for years, we support kindergartens in order to give them a safe and healthy place where they can learn and play. Moreover we help families for the connection to electric energy: an important spark for letting kids studying at home, for the medicines conservation in the clinics and for cooking safely.

What we guarantee with the sponsorship in Ikondo

– School supplies for Kindergartens
– Connection to electric energy for a family
– Training on the proper utilization of electric energy for the whole village
– Support on building more secure and decent houses

To sponsor a child you only need 27 euros per month (less than 1 euro a day)
You will receive the photo of the sponsored kid and stories concerning the project every six months.

For further informations, please email Elisa: