• WHERE: Governatorato di Mahdia, Tunisia
  • PERIOD: 12 months, from November 2017 to April 2019
  • BENEFICIARIES: 10 civil society associations, 12 Tunisian women getting back in the governatorato di Mahdia, 8 community members
  • DONORS: EXPERTISE FRANCE and European Union

Original title: LEMMA – Appui aux opérateurs de la réinsertion

Within the third component of LEMMA project (support to the mobility partnership EU-Tunisia) CEFA applies the supportive pilot project for the reinstatement of the return migrants. The project aims at fostering Tunisian authorities’ and civil society capabilities so they can actively support return migrants, both on the social and economic level.

There might be different reasons why someone decides to go back to the country of origin. The institutions and civil society must be ready to welcome and sustain people willing to return during the whole process.

This project aims at creating a cooperative system between public and civil services in order to make the reinstatement projects successful. This collaboration is to be created by round tables, sharing spaces and by thinking and debating together. Moreover, CEFA, which has been actively involved in the reinstatement of migrants for years, is organizing a circle of traineeship, to enhance the skills of the actors involved.

Part of the project is also to back members of the community seeking for economic stability. Our idea is to sustain projects concerning social and solidarity based economy, so that the whole community would benefit from that.


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This project is co-funded by the European Union. The contents of this publication are under the sole responsibility of CEFA and under no circumstances can be attributed to the European Union.