• WHERE: Tripoli, Libia
  • PERIOD: 4 months, from December 2017 to April 2018
  • BENEFICIARIES: 3000 migrants kept in prison and nearly 5.000 Libyan citizens

Original title: Support to migrants in the Tarek al Matar centre and to the hosting community


Because of the inadequate supervision by Libyan authorities, Sub-Saharan migrants kept in the detention centres in Tarek al Matar, at Tripoli doors, in the northeast of the country, are victims of abuses. Their rights are often violated and humanitarian standards are not respected at all. There is a lack of food, medicines, mattresses and the hygiene situation is quite dangerous. Moreover, migrants and asylum seekers are not likely to be registered by operators.

The project has a high priority task. We are distributing medicines, food, blankets and other basic needs to make the migrants kept in detention centres overcome the Libyan winter. We are also carrying out rehabilitation and sanitation treatments, as well as trainings about civil and human rights directed to operators of the centres, with particular focus on women and children. In addition, it will be created a child-friendly space that is going to help setting some activities and labs for children.

Furthermore, it will be set up a mobile medical clinic, in which it would be possible to practise lifesaving interventions and first aid to stabilise the patients before transferring them in adequate sanitary structures.

Finally, we do not miss to focus on the Libyan community as well. We are improving mother-child health programmes of the hosting community, by giving support to the Tripoli Medical Centre hospital. This activity is fundamental to facilitate the coexistence of local communities and migrants kept in the detention centres.