• WHERE: Italy
  • PERIOD: 9 months, from January 2018 to October 2018
  • DONORS: Erasmus +, UE

Titolo originaleBoosting Inclusion Through social Entrepreneurship


The 9-month project will end with a 6-day course in Bologna, attended by 24 young workers from different countries (Italy, Greece, Albania, Tunisia, Morocco, Serbia).

The project context and its purposes reflect the European and extra-European situation, in which migratory flows are growing and the need for new skills, new approaches and methods of integration is evident. A context in which there is no support for youth entrepreneurship, in which there is a clear need for the development of sustainable enterprises, in which interculturality and inclusion are promoted.

Through this project we want to provide entrepreneurial skills to the young people involved, linked to the social inclusion of vulnerable groups. The main objective is to strengthen the skills of young workers and their businesses, which in turn will support local communities, especially the most vulnerable groups such as young people, women and migrants at risk of social exclusion. The course, through informal methods and a creative approach, will stimulate critical thinking, spirit of initiative, and development of sustainable entrepreneurship.