• WHERE: Kenya, 38 institutes
  • PERIOD: 36 months
  • BENEFICIARIES:12.131 minors under detention
  • PARTNERS: Fondazione l'Albero della Vita, CEFA

One of the methods used by CEFA, to reintegrate minors in conflict with law in their community,  is the

restorative justice


What is it about?

This is a process in which victim (when it is possible) and responsible participate actively to the resolution of the conflict, with the help of a mediator. In this way is given to the offender the possibility to repair to the committed crime, through restoring an internal balance inside the community.


Our objective

CEFA, with a really important role in the project, will introduce and promote practices and procedures concerning restorative justice; the core is the reintegration of the minor in the society, in both personal and working terms.

Some researches conducted and the experience of social assistants, counsellors and trainers on the ground, showed that the great part of the minors that have problems with the law in Kenya, goes in jail for mild crimes. It is important to prevent the entrance of a minor in the prison system, by promoting foster care as an alternative measure to protect/take into custody the child.