• WHERE: Region of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • PERIOD: 38 months, from February 2017 to May 2020
  • BENEFICIARIES: about 6.500 children and young people with disabilities and their family, 428 professional of health sector, 180 employers, 10.390 teachers, coaches and primary schools students
  • PARTNERS: CO.P.E., Comunità solidali nel Mondo Onlus, Sapienza Università di Roma, SOL.CO. Imola s.c.s., ATE

Original title: ALL INCLUSIVE: A multi-sectoral initiative fostering the inclusion of people with disabilities within the Dar es Salaam community


The context

People with disabilities in Dar es Salaam are the 7.2%, out of a population of around 5 million. They have limited access to primary education and, once they have grown up, they are kept out of active participation in country’s economy, politics and social occasions. For this reason, they often end up living on the margins of society, also influencing the socio-economic wellbeing of their families. Poverty and lack of specialized health facilities, then, limit access to rehabilitation services, accentuating discomforts related to disability.


The objective

CEFA wants to face these problems by adopting a holistic rehabilitation approach on a community basis that intervenes on three areas:


1 – Medical-health rehabilitation

People with disabilities can take advantage of a specialized rehabilitation center in the Kawe district. Furthermore, training courses will be started for health personnel in the obstetrics and pediatrics departments.


2 – Economical progress

CEFA carries out professional orientation courses, along with cooking and domestic work courses, courses for beauticians and gardening adressed to people with disabilities so that they are able to enter the labour world. Self-employment opportunities will be promoted and income-generating activities will be supported. The “Yombo” Center is also supported through the renovation of dormitories and classrooms, the purchase of training material and equipment, staff training and apprenticeships for students.


3 – Socio-educational inclusion

To facilitate integration into schools, CEFA offers training courses for teachers and families of disabled children. A community based rehabilitation center will also be built in the district of Kawe (northern Dar es Salaam).


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