• WHERE: Tangeri, Rabat e Nador, Marocco
  • PERIOD: 20 months
  • BENEFICIARIES: 800 journalists and social media experts as well as 66 local associations of migrants
  • DONORS: EU, Chiesa Valdese
  • PARTNERS: Soleterre, Strategie di Pace, Fondazione Orient Occident e Asticude
The context

Morocco, after being for years a land of emigration, and a transit country for the migrants coming from Sub-Saharan Africa, recently has became a country of allocation and a migratory pole of attraction. There are lots of causes. We can mention, among them, its geographical position, the financial crisis in Europe, the worsening of the european migration politics, and lastly the improvement of life’s conditions in Morocco. And therefore, Morocco hosts a very heterogeneous migrant population , that includes people in regular situation, such as students, immigrates in regular situation, asylum seekers and refugees.


Our objective

CEFA aims to integrate migrants, most of all sub-saharans, both socially and economically through training activities with 66 local associations of migrants in the moroccan cities of Tangeri, Rabat and Nador.

Migrants in Morocco are in total at least 100.000.


Our intervention

The project, began in 2015, provided for the organisation of interactives meetings, debates and seminaries on the respect for other cultures and life with others.

800 social media experts were formed on the necessity of a ethic communication of the migration. More than 300 students, teachers and adults living in mixed districts were formed on the promotion and the respect of differences.

It was also promoted a sensitization campaign on the entire national territory to promote the integration and the respect for the other, against all form of xenophobia.