CEFA, was present in Marrakech, Morocco on December 10th and 11th  at the Global Compact, a global agreement for the “safe, orderly and regular” management of migratory flows. CEFA was there in the name of AOI, the network of associations and NGO’s. 164 countries have ratified this agreement, but Italy was not among them. As the number one of the UN, Antonio Guterres, said, this agreement is “a path to prevent suffering and chaos” and therefore for the good of all. Guterres then told of over 60,000 migrants who died since 2000 while trying to find a dignified life outside their country, calling that tragedy “a collective shame”.”We must not succumb to fear or false narratives,” the UN Secretary-General said, reporting the “many lies” spread on this agreement, which will be ratified by the UN General Assembly on December 19th.

Federica Gatti, head of CEFA in Morocco, confirmed the need to strengthen cooperation between countries to ensure effective management of the migration phenomenon.

“Today, more than ever”, writes AOI, “we believe it is necessary to strengthen cooperation among countries to guarantee an effective and humane management of migration phenomena, in particular regarding the most vulnerable categories, including minors, in particular if they are separated from their families or unaccompanied. It is a crucial moment for Italy, a country of transit and destination of migratory flows to Europe. It is time to promote a shared responsibility on a global level and to pursue humane and effective solutions “.