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The Statute - Who we are
CEFA wrote the organizational statute, a document written at the moment of foundation of the NGO. It provides informatiuon about members names, company name, location, assets, dissolution clauses, etc., obviously following the Penal Code. It gives rules in the entire life of our NGO. 
Let’s focus on the most important ones: the objectives.

ART. 2 - Objectives
The association goals are:
  • Preparation and realization of truly integrated development projects in developing countries, mostly in the rural areas, using volunteering workers culturally and professionally prepared. The objective is the creation of judicial and social institutions run by locals.
  • In the countries where there are several projects, we create a country programme to cooperate in a wider way.
  • Aid actions in emergency cases of natural disasters, civil or International wars, sending aids, helping refugees, organizing resettlement camps, helping in any areas hit by that calamity.
  • Rehabilitation of the first aid services hit by conflicts in order to restore essential activities in a way to reactivate an economical and social normality.

To read more: Statuto CEFA
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