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Our Vision and Mission

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Our Vision and Mission - Who we are
Our Vision and Mission
Our Vision and Mission
Cefa’s goal is to enhance every man as leader of the development - not only from an economic point of view - but considering man as a whole, with the aim to be protagonist of democracy and peace.

CEFA's aim is to supporting community and local institution in the poorest countries of the world through family and community, economy improvement, valorization of human resources and training and recognition of fundamental human rights.
Our priority is to realized a self-sufficient food development and a real respect of the fundamental human rights. We work in cooperation in the field of humanitarian aid, through projects that combine productive activities with a commitment to achieving social growth and development of democratic and ethical organizations. In this way we try to ensure the sustainability of the projects, the temporal continuity and the obtaining of great results.
Nowadays the main areas of intervention are composed by the countries in the Mediterranean area, East Africa and Latin America. Cefa's International Cooperation actions are related to the following sector of intervention:
  • Rural economy with production, transformation and commercialization of agricultural products;
  • Crafting products; 
  • Basic infrastructures to guarantee water access, requalification and environment protection of the
  • Territory and the use of renewable energies;
  • Technical and Management training;
  • Promotion of local communities;
  • Re-integration in the community of underprivileged people;
  • Help local school institutions and promotion of a real education right for everybody;

CEFA helps also immigrants to go back to their countries with the aim of improve their local community using the knowledge and the experiences obtained outside their countries.
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