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CEFA is engaged in sustainable development program of rural areas, through measures targeting agricultural, livestock breeding, energy and environmental protection, defense and water recovery. These programs are associated with specific activities of social animation, training, health and hygiene education. 

CEFA gives priority to achieving food self-sufficiency and to basic needs of population. Each project tries to join together directly productive interventions with actions aimed at cultural and social growth, assigning particular importance to organizational skills in a democratic sense of the communities involved.

In the last ten years the CEFA has acquired significant experience in social projects, such as assistance to children, to families in need, to young people and women in situations of economic insecurity, facing the issue of future sustainability of the interventions, particularly through the training staff local associations involved in the management of services.

A specific work on public administration is about the creation of relationships with Italian local realities helping the counseling program; this support could continue over the end of cefa projects.
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