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Below you can read the press release written by CEFA, together with GVC, in order to highlight the new and serious strike to the emblematic country of Arab Spring, which occurred after only 3 months from another dreadful occasion. This tragic event won’t stop the organizations’ commitment and support to the Tunisian society.

WE’LL NEVER GIVE UP After the attack to the Bardo Museum in the city of Tunisi during the last March, a new strike in Sousse, an holiday resort in the South Tunisia, is shocking the entire country. The Italian organizations have been settled in Tunisia for many years and they’re supporting the country during the democratization process; nowadays they’re closer than ever to the tunisian people, who are filling the streets to say NO to terrorism with demonstrations both in Sousse and Tunisi, the capital city. The sorrow feelings, caused by the last terroristic attack, is coming over the entire country, in a symbolic place of its own economic life. We don’t hesitate to condemn this mean attack to the detriment of 38 dead people (perhaps 39) and 36 wounded.   We express our sincere condolences to the victims’ families : this tragedy does not have to make us weaker but it has to make us stronger because the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. It’s a long and twisting way toward democracy  but it can’t be stopped for any reasons, not even for these tragic events. Otherwise terrorists win and this is one of their objectives: to stop the democratization process of this country and leave it to the anarchy and terror. The Tunisian government has suddenly announced new anti-terrorism measures and a national congress concerning the fight against terrorism has been scheduled for September 2015, where civil society representatives, parties and association will take part in. Tunisia, we can say it loudly, really wants to assume democratic principles and conduct, despite thousands obstacles. We wants to assure Tunisian people that we will continue working together on the territory, especially in poorest areas, which can be used for terrorism recruitment and they also risk social exclusion.

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