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The Kirigiti institute is one of the centers where CEFA is committed for over 10 years to improve
children conditions. Girls living in this "rehabilitation school" are often victims of difficult family
situations that brought them to commit petty crimes or to suffer abuse. Thanks to the presence of
CEFA operators, and the collaboration with government personnel, they are given a second chance
(we talk about girls or young women who often was not allowed even a first chance to live outside
of the crime).

The results achieved in these years have been recognized by the European Union and the project
"Improving the Kenya Juvenile Justice System" was chosen for the visit of a delegation of European
parliamentarians from different countries such as Spain, Germany and Ireland. Moreover,
delegates were able to attend a show of “participatory theater (PET)” staged by these girls, so
being aware of one of the best practices of CEFA.

During the performance, the message conveyed is the social “stigma” that leads us to consider
children, who have had trouble with the law, as criminals, with the subsequent isolation from the
community. This performance ended with a speech in which it was pointed out by the girls: "we
are not bad people, we just committed negative actions."
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