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"Enterprises and Cooperation" is a new model of international cooperation centred on ethically-aware and willing entrepreneurs who contribute money and know-how to support CEFA in her activities to help people who suffer from hunger and poverty.
It is an innovative enterprise method, a stake in the development of Africa and Latin America, which turns into social responsibility, strategic philanthropy, a key element of social self-sufficiency, for the development of both hemispheres.
A globalised world, where poverty and richness are interdependent.
"Enterprises and Cooperation" encloses the projects that CEFA has undertaken alongside enterprises, projects whose activities touch all stakeholders, in both the profit and not-for-profit sectors, through an active and professional participation and a concrete commitment to solidarity. Thus, a new, virtuous and positive model to support the world takes shape.
The cooperation, founded on the above principles, between CEFA and partner enterprise is, as Beninian economist Albert Tevoedjiré envisages, "a new, equal cooperation, based on the understanding of each others’ needs and the opportunities for trade"

The following four projects are true to these ideals:
AfricaMilkProject is based on the cooperation between CEFA and Granarolo S.p.A, born as a consequence of CEFA’s founder Giovanni Bersani’s awarding of the "Premio Alta Qualità" (High Quality Prize).
For more information visit www.africamilkproject.org
AcquaTerraVita (WaterEarthLife) is centred on the cooperation between CEFA and Costa Edutainment S.p.A with at its heart the mission to encourage visitors of Genova's Aquarium to engage with others, ensuring improved living standards to the less-fortunate while at the same time respecting and protecting the environment.
For more information visit: www.acquaterravita.org
SeminiAMO per L'AFRICA(sowing seeds for Africa) revolves around the cooperation between CEFA and Cannamela, leader in Italy in the market for spices, intended to improve, over a period of time, the quality of life of an extremely poor African population, by providing the resources for a sustainable development of agricultural activity.
For more information visit: www.seminiamoperlafrica.it
SOLIDARIETA' 2015 dal SEME al CIBO (Solidarity 2015 from Seed to Food) is a work in progress, a "solidarity platform", a project for enterprises that wish to commence a concrete cooperation.
After a successful presentation at the Shanghai EXPO, it is focused on the 2015 Milan EXPO "Feeding the Planet Energy for Life".
With this project CEFA envisages the creation of partnerships with ethically-aware enterprises to tackle malnutrition, nutritional insecurity and poverty in South Sudan.
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