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Initial contacts and selection
Initial contacts with CEFA may occur via telephone, letter or e-mail

After this, a candidate will be invited to the periodical introductory meetings.
After the introductory meeting, the candidate can decide whether or not to participate in an initial training course during which s/he will be able to have a first formative interview with the responsible of the selection and formation of volunteers.

  • Mature personality
  • Psycho-physical suitability
  • Minimum age of 23
  • Available for the necessary preparation and formation before departure
  • Good team-worker
  • Didactic Capacity
  • Availability for a service of no less than two years
Skills Required
The skills normally required by CEFA projects are mostly agricultural, livestock breeding, administrative, infrastructural (engineers, mechanics, master contractor, foreman), logistical, and those linked to animation, coordination and education.

Technical Formation Course and Specific Preparation

The acceptance of a candidate occurs only if there are concrete possibilities of engagement.
Participation in the introductory and training initiatives does not, in the eyes of CEFA, constitute an engagement of any sort on CEFA's part towards the volunteer candidates.
The duration of the period of formation may vary depending on the project and the professional and human characteristics of the candidate.

From the initial contacts to the volunteering, there are two preparation steps:
The authenticity of the candidate's choices and motivations are asserted through individual interviews and brief experiences of team-work;
An in-depth examination of the problems of underdevelopment and of international volunteering is carried out on an individual basis or in small groups of volunteers of the same project or region.

CEFA sends off volunteers to its projects for a minimum of two years
Experiences of less duration may be arranged in particular situations.

Call us at 051 520285 o by using the contact form on the site.
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